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“Best friend?”

Hey “Bestfriend”

Yea we don’t talk all the time

And are not completely open with each other

But that's ok right!

Let’s post on social media and show everyone we’re “best friends”

Hey “Bestfriend”

Yea I act different when other people are around and let you deal with it

Because I’m so insecure and want everyone to like me no matter how it affects you

But you’re still my “bestfriend”

Hey “Bestfriend”

Yea I know your past and how hard it is for you to be comfortable and trust people

But I’m still gonna make a situation out of nothing and make you feel bad

But still we’re “bestfriends”

Hey “Bestfriend”

Yea in the beginning of our friendship, I had a glow up and let boys get in the way of us getting to really know each other

But Im still gonna play victim when you get closer to my previous best friend

But so I don’t feel left out, I’m still going to claim you as my “best friend”

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