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Dear Future Me,

The future is approaching so fast

I am soon going to be an adult

The people around me always say that

But never see or acting accordingly

Maybe because I don’t talk about it

But I have so many goals and expectations

So big and unexpected of me

I won’t tell anyone else

I don’t need to opinions or ridicule

I know that whatever God has planned for me

Will happen but I also am planning

I know that I can do and be whatever I set my mind to

I just need the chains and bondage to be broken

With freedom I can truly do what I need to do

To become the future me

I smile at the thought of exploring myself

The hopes of a isolated but loved lifestyle

I want to be alone not due to sadness

But to tone out all the voices of the world

And to be with myself and hear myself speak

Words of healing that is awaiting on the other side of freedom

There is so much to be said and done

Temporary moments of peace and bliss could be forever

But not yet

Dear Future me, I hope you are living in what you dreamed of

I hope that you are alone but loved

I hope that everything you are planning becomes reality

I need you to be the best you, you can be

Learn to thaw your heart out

Thaw it for the sake of your friends, family but especially yourself

Let yourself be and stop critiquing everything

You are already good enough so build on that instead of reconstructing

Reconstruct your heart and mind

Then build on yourself

Dear Future Me, become yourself

And finally let your perseverance be for yourself and not others

Do and have everything I am dreaming of right now

Know that with God watching your back

You are and will be ok

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