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Expectation of Perfection

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

By: Fatou DIouf (Creator)

I’m done trying

I’m done always trying to satisfy you

I’m done doing what you would want me to do

And not getting the credit

Do you not understand?

Your words are my mind

You call me dumb

Then I’ll think that I’m dumb

You call me lazy

And suddenly I feel lazy

You think of disowning me

And I think of disowning myself

You claim to understand me

But if you did, you would never hurt me

You would never say something to hurt me

If you understand me, then you know I understand

You would think highly of me

You would cherish me

You would be honored

You would respect me

But clearly you don’t understand me

You want me to be your creation

You want me to be in your control

You want me to be controlled by you

You want me to be your expectation

Of Perfection

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