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Good People Get the Worst

Good people get the worst

I don’t understand why but it’s true

How could God give someone so loving

Important, caring, fun, and amazing

Something so nasty and life changing

She means the world to me

Is that why you want to harm her?

I don’t know how or what to feel

She not gone so I’m glad

But she’s in pain and depressed

That’s how I feel

With everything good I do

Why does the worst happen

I try to be happy and smile through but how

How am I supposed to do that

While she’s suffering and crying

The person who doesn’t deserve anything bad

The only one in the crowd of tough love

That shows me soft love

I love her to death and I something happens

I will break and have to carry all the broken

She helps me just like I help others

She’s persistent, that’s where I get it from

She shows me love that I’m not used to

The worst part is

I’m just now getting used to it and accepting it And now you want to take that away


Why does this happen?

What did we do to deserve this?

Good people get the worst

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