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Struggles you face 

Makes you the strongest 

God gives its toughest battles 

To its strongest warriors

I must be among the strong warriors

It's just incredible 

The pain that we can give each other

From the pain in our hearts 

Life is full of doubt, criticism, and trust issues

Words slice through your heart

Stabbings are nothing compared to a cut heart

Living in my own fear will be the death of me

Living everyday through another person 

You will never truly know someone

You never know what someone is going through

You know pieces of them whether large or small

You only know what they show

What they portray to everyone

No one truly knows who and how I am

Why I am the way I am

No one will ever know the true me except he who created me

You may think you do but trust me you don’t

It’s not your fault though

I choose for you to never know me

Been through a lot for someone my age

People will never know

And they never truly will

You never know what people will think about you

Never know what they will do

Never know how they will react

Never know or understand

Life is a heartless warrior

With a beautiful soul fighting for happiness

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