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Mind and Morality

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

By: Fatou Diouf (Creator)

So mindful over the consequences of my words

That it does not make sense

The power that I hold with my tongue is like no other I know

The pain and pleasure of my sentences is

The way of my mind

The words that want to escape are trapped

Like a bird in a cage with a door that is too scared to open

The other side awaits for my honesty that I do not know where it has gone

So mindful over the consequences of my

Words that is does not make sense

The words are not trapped by my mind

Oh no, its trapped by my enemy, Mortality

She tells me to consider, rethink, and keep quiet

While he the tells me to he tells me to shout, be honest and liberate

She tells me to be strong, just wait, and don’t be American, be better

While he tells me to speak up, express and vouch

The heart and gut has no say in this war

When they talk the inner ears don’t listen

They are shouting and screaming for my benefit and don’t listen

And guess who gets all the blame

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