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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

By: Fatou Diouf (Creator)

On the outside, not the best view

On the inside that She portrays

The most beautiful

What they don’t see

Tears, suffering, at the edge

Abt to fall off

Can’t make it

Can’t fight anymore

No one can fix this

Your biggest enemy is yourself

The pain of betrayal and words

The loss of trust

The everlasting thought of self-love

That can never be portrayed

Who are you

Who are you truly

You can fix everyone but you can’t fix yourself

You worry about everyone but yourself

Your mind is slowly falling apart

Too many thought wondering

Can’t focus, get distracted

Not a single speck of confidence

Not a single ounce of happiness

Yet you still smile

You smile through the agony

You smile through the hurt

You smile through hate

And you smile through Pain

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