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The Insanity of the Bloke

By:Taylor D

you put this fear in me; a fear no one should ever feel.

like a prey facing her predator, i run,

but i seem to never get far.

every time the bloke raises his arm, i fall back worried i’ll soon feel the wrath

of his insanity, but the only insanity i felt the wrath of was yours.

deep scars, and the wound still won’t heal.

help me, help me want.

help me need.

the beast to her beauty, but that beauty didn’t last long.

like broken glass, it’s hard to put all our pieces back together.

trudging up enchanted hills to break another beautiful vase,

28 building blocks make up the 1 place we thought we felt safe.

but you took that away.

moonshine seeping through the cracks,

piercing cries haunt me in my dreams, so i fight to stay awake.

and now love is so distant for me,

numb to touch, but it leaves me needy.

i want to feel again, but each time i think about it,

The fear comes again, and I stumble back.

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