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Self Evolution (Part 1)

From my understanding

Evolution is the change and growth one goes through to become more resilient against the challenges of the world

Lately that has been the influence of my silence and change in views

My views of people in my life has altered

Not sure if it’s for the better but it has changed

Seeing how people react when change occurs and how somehow I am to blame

Well that has been enlightening

Seeing how understanding and loyalty has gone out the window is astonishing

But I’ve learned to try and put myself in their position and guess what

If it were me, they wouldn’t question my understanding and loyalty

So I’m learning to step back and be silent

Silence can be so eye opening

But silence doesn’t help others

understand your side

But what’s the point of speaking if no one wants to listen to understand

So I stay silent and to myself

Except to Allah(swt)…

The All-Knowing

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